Vicoelastic pillow cover polyurethane

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Pillow of 10/12 cm thick manufactured of viscoelastic Sanitifoam® foam with a design of longitudinal channels which facilitate air outlet.
Sanitifoam ® foam is a innovative material of polyurethane touch viscous and white color which adapts to the shape of the head with the own body temperature, thereby distributing the weight evenly. This promotes blood circulation causing pressure on the skin is distributed evenly and preventing bedsore.
The manufacturing system of open cell foam forms small cells which circulates the air, making it flexible and breathable material, thus avoiding the accumulation of moisture and preventing the growth of microorganisms. With a total of 50 Kg/m3 density and low hardness (1.6 kPa) makes it fit perfectly to the shape of the head.
Besides the foam is in possession of OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Class I Certificate, distinctive European that warrants the absence of harmful substances in textile type products throughout the manufacturing process.


Composition White Visco
Densit 50kg/m3
Hardnes 1,60KPa
Resilenc --
Laye --


70x31x12cm CQF012BEP
90x31x12cm CQF006BEP

Cover is included.

The pillow is protected with a special cover dahlia fabric 100% polyester and coated with a 100% polyurethane fabric color white and very nice touch, finished in a side zipper to fit seamlessly into the pillow. This fabric is characterized by being waterproof, breathable while anti-dust mite treatments and fireproof.

5 years wuarranty